Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My last two columns have been part of a trilogy based on the feminine rhythm, the sound of the uterus in rock, this is the third and final chapter, for all the wimmin in the place, throw your hands up in despair. A greatest hitz of women in rock, the mishaps and bad puns, the sexist jokes and bad hair days!
1. The Wrecks demo will not be reissued by Grand Theft Audio; the convoluted reason given to this earnest reporter relates to the fact that there are two demo tapes, and a track on an old K! records comp tape! And the songs overlap, and there aren’t enough of them! From the mouth of the source of the knowledge! This seems lame to me, like you only are worth of reissue if you have a double-CD’s worth of material?? Someone do a 7” discography now! (The Wrecks were an all-girl hardcore band from Nevada in the early/mid ’80s, in case you missed my earlier missives)
2. Turboslut broke up! I got an excellent letter and package from the mysterious Beck cursing me for mentioning Heavens To Betsy in the same sentence as her band in a previous column! And also for my callous dismissal of their band name. Interview coming up soon! Legend of thee Turboslut! You can get tapes, a tour zine and a split 12” and you probably should. If you wanna hear the sound of doomed turboslutsavedmylife@gmail.com
3. After getting the MyDolls CD for review in this issue, I suddenly started thinking about that other early ‘80s Austin based girl punk band, The Foams. MRR has a copy of their only 7”, that I currently cannot find of course, but does anyone know what the deal was with this band? Their music is at once charming and sinister, of course they often get compared to The Shaggs, that inept yet confident sound… Do they have anything else? A tape? Need to know! Also need this 7” if you got one?!
4. Apparently there’s a Chalk Circle discography CD in the works, there’s an interview with band member Sharon Cheslow in MRR #298 that details the history of this early ‘80s all-girl DC art-punk band, hangin out in Georgetown… Someone should put that out on vinyl too! A helpful human forwarded me this link, which will lead to Sharon Cheslow’s list of women in punk between 1975 and 1980! A most magnificent resource for all future girl bands to take notes from, and of course, use as ammunition.
5. The Brat, East LA’s dreamiest, and the band that define, or rather refine the concept of pop punk also have a discography CD on the way. The picture of them on the cover of the February ‘82 issue of Low Rider magazine is the definition of hip, the band’s stance, Teresa’s presence… A band that looks as good as they sound, that insinuates they have no depth, which is totally not the case. The lyrics are perceptive, politically aware, managing to capture both the lightness and heaviness of youth! From roller skating to state oppression, with grace and style… I am psyched that they are finally gonna get their due. There’s a great interview/retrospective in Razorcake #37, which you can still pick up via their website.
Also! on the MRR stereo with alarming frequency is a tape sent in by H├ęctor of Cintes Podrides featuring Escroto De Rata and Epidemia…. How much do we heart falling apart desperate Spanish punk? An answer is not necessary. I hear La Vida Es Un Mus are involved somehow in future vinyl production so keep your eyes out.
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