Monday, June 10, 2013


They are playing SF at the end of the month and I am going to go and dance hard. Goofy, fun, plaintive, reminiscent of Looks Blue Goes Purple in a way that is inspiring and amazing rather than tired and limp. They are an exciting band on their own terms I mean, not just because they have somehow captured the excellent stylings of a classic NZ pop band, they are rambunctious and RAD. they make me think of summer, skateboarding, adventure, possibility... wind in your hair, sun on your neck, world is yours but you can't quite touch it but that's OK. I made the music editor at rookie mag cover them because I think all teenage girls should be Courtneys fans, and also start their own bands. COOL.

The news that Spider and the Webs were recording a new record was the light at the end of the tunnel for winter, not sure when it's coming out so listen to their band camp ok, and maybe get a t shirt so they can put the record out.

I have been listening to the following songs a lot whilst working. I listen to the Total Control Henge Beat LP alot, or Taking Tiger Mountain,or Pere Ubu, They seem good WORKPLACE IS RETAIL RETAIL IS CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS ARE MEAT YOU ARE THE BUTCHER
These are this weeks work jams tho
NEU! Doing Hero from 75. this is one of my favorite records to listen to whilst registering the cash register

CAN doing I want more. I actually listen to the extended version more as it's what is available at my work, but this one is a jammer.

I like this song a lot too. Lonnie Holley All Rendered Truth, it makes me think of certain Arthur Russell songs, the space I think!? ECHO.