Wednesday, October 23, 2013

mental violence

a photo on your wall is a record of the past of things you had forgotten of things that couldn't last now that things are different a moment on your own brings back memories and the thoughts will make you crave for old friends some of them you see sometimes some of them are dead don't forget the bad times you swore not to forget the anger, mental violence the worries and the threats sometimes it's nice to see people who used to be really close to you now you've escaped from your dependence don't get another dose

Monday, October 21, 2013

is it all over my face

The idea of writing sometimes is so repulsive. What is more gruesome than rock journalism? Some choad emptying their bowels on an unsuspecting audience, explaining the sound, outlining intentions, tellin’ it like it is brothers and sisters. Is there anything more grim than journaling or personal confessional pieces, a supposed arduous journey on which you found something of yourself and managed to put it on the page nice and neatly, an arc like storyline tying everything together, containing the trials and troubles experienced like packaging tape. I work at a San Francisco literary landmark, and we frequently have readings at said literary landmark, sometimes it’s an occasion, say a certain insurrectionary Hungarian writer, someone whose work shifts landscapes and disturbs mindsets. But most of the time it’s a line up of local luminaries opining and whining, the same vocal tones employed in word delivery, the same shit eventually emerging, the over use of the word I, here it is, my story, for you but mostly for me! Listening to these voices makes me want to contain all my thoughts and ideas. To refrain from inflicting more bad art and feelings on an imagined audience. Just the manner in which these people read their work makes me want to vomit, makes me feel like a surly teenager who just can’t fucking stand it, the most corny of stances, Holden Caulfield as a woman in her thirties. Grim! But spoken word! Is there anything more wretched? The performance of nothing, the tropes and routines employed by these dismal soul patches. Yet another personal narrative diving into the depths of dissatisfaction and inanity, a kitchen sink drama, a horrible childhood all rendered with the subtlety of a mime troupe. It fills me with such horror that I am adding to the garbage pile. Not that I think of myself as a fine writer by any stretch, but over the course of two years of working at my job, listening to some of the most turgid self indulgent bile, it makes you want to throw in the towel somewhat… Reading old columns I have written for MRR is sometimes painful; I can feel the stress and insanity behind the tired words, especially when I was coordinating the magazine, at one point I wanted to make a zine of some of my columns, but… rereading them is work enough! (If you want to you can digest the entire series in one sitting at and no I don’t even own any Articles of Faith recordings! What a poser. I like the phrase but prefer the music of Silver Abuse in terms of Chicago sounds of that era).
Punk is DIY, making your own culture, whether that’s making music, writing fanzines, all the other aspects of culture you can participate in as a punker, and I am not insinuating that because I am no Andre Gide there is no point in me writing at all… Nor am I saying that I think I am part of the wretched personal journey narrators that haunt my workplace. I am sure there are people reading this that would align my words into that school. There has been a push in recent years to move away from the dreaded “per-zine” dredge and unfortunately for this reader (who mostly finds perzines as vile as the aforementioned spoken word enunciators) this has mostly meant a million boring zines full of boring people writing boring things about boring music. There are a few who have stuck out (Brendon Annesley (RIP) and DX are the obvious ones, I would add some of the writers I hired to write columns for this mag, Viktor, Alex Ratcharge, Shiva, Sam, Bryony… a few Midwestern zine writers I am too lazy to go over to my zine pile to dig through and get names…) Rock criticism, music criticism ultimately has the same effect, anyone can do it, and they will so watch your fucking back. Read say, Patti Smith writing in Creem, or Lester Bangs, or Ellen Willis or Tobi Vail, Joe Carducci, read old Forced Exposures, Charlotte Pressler’s writing about the early Cleveland punk scene, and then go read some random music review website. A punk one; that “guy that used to work in a record store but now holds down an office job and writes about noiserock in his home office,” or a mainstream blog rocker one… All these confident casual opinions streaming 24 hours a day relentlessly like air conditioning in an Arizona mall; it feels like a never ending tape loop of the most banal, and again who wants to contribute to the deluge?! People aim for Lester Bangs or maybe more cerebral blogrocker types, Greil Marcus, but much like the pummeling stream of woeful tiki bar attendees and sorority sisters buying Bukowski all day at my work, dreams do not pan out and reality is a lot more painful and difficult to get through.
A long and labored diatribe about why I stopped; when I was writing my columns as coordinator for the most part I was unhappy with their contents.  Running the magazine is so exhausting, a relentless treadmill of woe, and who wants to read about that?! I wrote about it a lot however! Endlessly. If you browse the archive you will witness this fact. Trying to figure out how to write for kicks was part of my vision for post-MRR life as a deadbeat with no future or plans. So here is the personal journey part of my story arc I guess? Barf! I am not sure if I will keep writing a regular column, but I am working on a fanzine and you can email me Layla at and I will keep you updated on that in the distant future when it’s more than a mess of late nights and smeared eyes. Writing from a state of malaise, diffident alienation and so on, in the face of fifty million wannabe Keroaucs who just have to do it or their soul will be all parched.
Sometimes it feel like punk is stuck on a late night rerun binge, a relentless parade of images and snatches of past events reconfigured in less and less interesting ways. Things that seemed absolutely life altering a few months ago suddenly seem tired and dull, losing their shape or meaning. Why is one group of lunkheaded brutalists privileged over another, why does everyone look like extras from a pre-fame Michael J Fox movie or a Sears catalogue man circa 1954?! A long list of boring constructions, with a few bursts of excitement making the rest seem like it’s worth sticking around for?! There’s always something there to remind me.
1) Lose 7” on Subterranean 2) First two Pere Ubu 7”s 3) Lori and the Chameleons – “Touch” and Dorothy – “IConfess” 45s 4) Rosa Yemen – “Herpes Simplex” 5) Electric Eels – “Crummy Fags” 6) anticipation of new releases this fall from Hysterics and Household 7) PleasureLeftists live and 45 on repeat 8) End Result cassettes finally getting reissued!? 9) Magits 10) Flesh World 12” out soon on La Vida Es Un Mus! Oh andHoax live in a cave by my house?!  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

this month's players bw check out my sick html layout

  pleasure leftists! best THIS HEAT! peel sessions are their best roland kirk plays to the animals in the zoo and john cage rides a roundabout HOW TO GET RICH IN ROTTERDAM need this record if anyone wants to send me one this is the best felt record ELECTRIC EELS!!!!!!!!!! all u need to listen to for the rest of time

I don't know if you can listen to this band online but their tape RULES midwest HC is destrukkkkktive right now

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


reading material 2013 so far (only listing incendiary titles that were unputdownable)

ASTRAGAL-albertine sarrazin (if you like Genet and want to read a 1960s french/algerian criminal girl version this will be the one you need. like a steak needs a black eye!)
SAVAGE MESSIAH-laura oldfield ford-a former early 80s anarcho punk girl with a fetish for skinhead boys walks in high heels through the ruins of london brutalism, mapping out a path for dislocated youth. one of those things you can hardly believe exists as you are reading it as it is too perfect, chem trails of dissonance drugs and chaos, theory and destruction
MANUSCRIPT FOUND IN SARAGOSSA- Jan Potocki-I saw the movie first and it blew my mind, but one of my coworkers said the book was better and he was right. absolute insanity! not able to explain just read it.
FLAMETHROWERS-Rachel Kushner-That's Entertainment! One of those books you whip thru like a speed freak, easy to read but about young girls navigating conceptual art in the post warhol NY of the 70s, speed racing on the Nevada Salt Flats, Italian communist revolution, futurists... young girl protagonist inserted into arenas said girls never get to run around makes for kick fueled read. fast fascists
SPEEDBOAT-Renata Adler-a devastating incision into the cultured life, joan didion with more cruel humor. Gonna read pitch dark next
BLOW UP-Julio Cortazar-I picked this up when I worked at another bookstore and it sat on my shelf for years, wasted time. so so so good.
Opium-Cocteau-as with most books about drug use this is also about cultural production/capitalism/literature as lifeboat and death knell and I wish I could recommend it to all the choads who come into my work asking where our non existing self-help section is.
OUT OF THE VINYL DEEPS-ellen willis. feminist rock criticism that is exciting to read from the lester bangs era?! yeah. seriously. it exists.

books that I started that I had to put down BUT WILL FINISH BEFORE 2013 IS OVER/am currently reading-not listing books that were too wretched to finish of which there were two, both new releases.
Against the Day-Thomas Pynchon (fantastical but too heavy to carry to work every day)
Troia-Bonnie Bremser, one of the most brutal books I have read. hard to process. young woman puts herself on the line for her junkie beat husband. the sort of thing you have to come up for air from esp if reading as a female. what life is like for those that miss out on the mythic beat museum blurt and get trampled in the dirt

I feel like I didn;t read enough this year somehow!? head in the clouds lost my focus. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

reborn as luxury homes

some music to listen to whilst decomposing

Ellie from Good Throb, Ben from Stab and a couple other people I don't know making some truly sick sounds. I think you can get the tape from Sorry State Maybe you'll wanna do that?!

really goodness can't stop listening to this tape SHIRTLESS THUGS

I can't figure out blogging formats, i hate blogggering to be honest, but here is a song from prists that got replicated twice on my blog formatting thing, it's a good one, reference to a b52s song got a creepy sick radness to it alright i vote YES.

1983 orstralian oi expeditions

Barcelona punk explosives

I saw this band play and it reminded me of Italian horror movie soundtracks meets a Christina Billotte band, ie genius sickness

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Power of the Spoken Word

I have pretty much stopped writing columns for MRR (tho I still write music reviews if you want to read my pithy words on sounds made by punker types grab a mag! but I am planning on making some sort of publication of some of these old ones, edited, perhaps in zine form. more news will follow when it occurs

Monday, June 10, 2013


They are playing SF at the end of the month and I am going to go and dance hard. Goofy, fun, plaintive, reminiscent of Looks Blue Goes Purple in a way that is inspiring and amazing rather than tired and limp. They are an exciting band on their own terms I mean, not just because they have somehow captured the excellent stylings of a classic NZ pop band, they are rambunctious and RAD. they make me think of summer, skateboarding, adventure, possibility... wind in your hair, sun on your neck, world is yours but you can't quite touch it but that's OK. I made the music editor at rookie mag cover them because I think all teenage girls should be Courtneys fans, and also start their own bands. COOL.

The news that Spider and the Webs were recording a new record was the light at the end of the tunnel for winter, not sure when it's coming out so listen to their band camp ok, and maybe get a t shirt so they can put the record out.

I have been listening to the following songs a lot whilst working. I listen to the Total Control Henge Beat LP alot, or Taking Tiger Mountain,or Pere Ubu, They seem good WORKPLACE IS RETAIL RETAIL IS CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS ARE MEAT YOU ARE THE BUTCHER
These are this weeks work jams tho
NEU! Doing Hero from 75. this is one of my favorite records to listen to whilst registering the cash register

CAN doing I want more. I actually listen to the extended version more as it's what is available at my work, but this one is a jammer.

I like this song a lot too. Lonnie Holley All Rendered Truth, it makes me think of certain Arthur Russell songs, the space I think!? ECHO.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

"We're a Cover Band"



2) TERMITES COVERING ROLLING STONES TELL ME (SO MUCH BETTER THAT THE STONES' VERSION OK!?) Termites were mod girls from Walthamstow who released two 7"s... genuine 60s pent up emotions







(Or maybe it's just tobi with some spiderweb help?!)


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Notes on Nothing: a desolate report

I haven’t written a column for the past few months; I broke my right hand in a terrifying bicycle collision with a SUV and it was too frustrating to type out a sentence with my left hand, let alone a few thousand words. But also I have felt pretty dissatisfied, a sense of malaise and torpor settled in and I had nothing to say so I didn’t say anything. One of the reasons I quit coordinating MRR is that I envisioned myself doing all these cool projects on my own terms, like writing for myself and not just for the magazine, maybe starting a band or a new fanzine. Instead I have been holed up in my room with various illnesses and injuries and filled with misgivings and a total lack of energy or desire to do anything but go to work and go to bed. I am forcing myself to write this screed, just in an attempt to get back into the act of writing. What can I write about? The guy at Trader Joes who asked me about my Die Kreuzen badge, then launched into a list of bands asking me if I liked any of them. NO, I hate them all. None of this has anything to do with Die Kreuzen or my button, and what is it with people like me wearing a signifier like that but not actually wanting to talk about Weezer or reunion bands with some random guy in a grocery store?! Things I hate: Weezer, Jawbreaker, the audience at any reunion show, competition, 7”s that cost over $7 that are brand new records, men who think your very presence in public is an invitation to a monologue / “lesson.” The Punk Nod is all very well, because it’s a nod, a secret signal, but maybe I have PMS, maybe I am just in a bad mood, but that’s about all I can take right now. Certain bands make my skin itch and I would rather listen to Doc Dart’s solo record fifty times in a row than anything Blake Schwarzenbach will ever produce.
This fascinating article I am producing might indicate a sort of distaste with the punk idea; this is far from the facts. I love the sounds and ideas that exist under that particular umbrella, new and old, that is one of the benefits of volunteering at MRR, continual affirmation that the punks are producing good sound ideas on a frequent and never ending basis. The opposite is also true, there are many dull and tired ones, but they are wiped clean by the excitement of the new possibilities that exist! I wrote a thing on ye olde blogge ( about sounds and bands I am excited for new sounds from in 2013. You are welcome to check it out and maybe mention your favorite new bands/records. 2013 is a broken possibility so far in terms of personal goals and health, but the sounds are gonna heal us all right? Charred and jagged massage through punk rock.
Things I don’t want to talk about: Riot Grrrl. I think girls are starting cool bands, and making radical culture in many different contexts, which is great and inspiring, and I hope that some of the women who instigated grrrrldom write books (Allison Wolfe / Tobi Vail / Kathleen etc etc) BUT I am totally not interested in participating in panel-discussion-cultures about my own experience as a thirteen year old Riot Grrl no more. Not right now anyway. Maybe I will in the future, and I have done in the distant past, guilty as charged, in a Gehry designed museum nonetheless. Maybe it’s the combination of working at City Lights and formerly helping to run MRR, but the whole academic writer’s workshop culture creation lifestyle is making me wanna run to the hills, or at least stay in my room and brood. Definitely not create new works of art, or arts of work. I would say just write a zine or start a band, do something… desperate times. We are disappearing into an age of endless critic culture, where things get commented on until they are pounded into a fine grain, micro granules that blow away, to be forgotten next week. If you self-identify as a writing type, one who likes to put words on the page, to whine and opine, then what are you to do in the face of all of this noise? Not writing seems like the obvious choice, and I think one of the things that attracted me in the first place to punk and hardcore and DIY was the creation and negation aspect of the culture. Denial! Refusal! I don’t wanna go down to the basement… I don’t want to write rock criticism; I don’t want to talk about it. At any rate, this is a rambling anthem to the dispossessed and abandoned. Make of it what you will.
Things I love, a list for your eyes only.
Charlotte Pressler: a writer and musician from Cleveland OH, who has written deftly about her city’s profound musical history and heritage, and who has a beautiful solo LP with art by John Morton, of Electric Eels and X_X fame that you should grab instantly. Someone just uploaded some tracks she recorded in the mid ’80s in NYC to ye olde youtube, look up Red Dark Sweet if you want relentless joy imposed upon your brains. It was a cassette only release, and sounds like Electric Eels and Screamers and um fucking No New York all at once. It’s a gift! Charlotte Pressler for prez. “What’s That Sound I Hear” is particularly fantastic. Oh wait I think it's actually called Mrs Hanson! Sorry.
END OF LIST! Write me at Layla at maximumrocknroll dot com.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ever nearing joy

these are the records and songs I listened to the most in 2012

Brian Eno: taking tiger mountain LP

following on from which was Ultravox's first two LPs pre Midge Ure ruining their sound/band

I listened to the Coffin Pricks mp3s Jeff sent me a lot. Chris Thomson has the best voice.
Also PAgan Icons by Saccharine Trust, I hate the culture of endless trend that is inherent in punk rock scenes, "we are really crazy mutants! check out our crazy antics!" that shit makes me wanna go home, or rather not leave my home. I would rather listen to Pagan Icons, or Crucifucks than watch "crazy" "zany" hardcore reenactment troupes. some of my teenage pals (when I too was a teenager) were in a graffitti crew, and one of them used to tag be rather than seem. be rather than seem. "become who you are" a boring idea free grunt being "wild" no thanks. I don;t know.  "genuine" "authentic" "scare quotes" "wild" "tame" "real" "pastiche" "blah"
DOC DART vs "Your Band Is Boring"

I listened to the four star comp on a shitty tape I made from graham booth which also featured grupo 415 synth damaged classic "My Walkman Loves Me" of which I can find no record online to play you, but it is SO GOOD, as good as the anemic boyfriends and I got a copy of the 7"  a couple weeks ago.
 and of course THE PACK!!

BEST FUCKING GUITAR SOUND! seriously. only good kirk brandon band really, but SO GOOD

also listened to Lori and the chameleons alot, another dollar bin find:

and this white magic song:

I listened to the D Vassalotti LP and latest Merchandise LP on REPEAT, mostly the first one as it fitted a weirdly isolated year.
also LOVE CHILD, i wrote them off as a twee pop nothing so never paid attention, but please this 7" is SO GOOD, he's so sensitive sounds like a blondie outtake but with no new wave at all, and sitting on the sofa, witness! best song about sofas and sitting since the kinks?

and the textones. I didn't know kathy valentine was in a ore go gos band that actually worte a few songs the go gos used, and were on stiff records

I also listened to this Spraypaint Love song which is on the wonderful treat tape which I think came out for the international pop underground in 91? you can listen to it here:
also this song by the go team that someone uploaded to youtube

OK youtube DJ jukebox situations. I am not really talking about stuff that came out in 2012 so much? I guess not. well you can buy the next MRR and get the scoop on that to some extent, but I missed out on putting the daylight robbery LP which was a total mistake, as I love that band and record. I got sort of bored of "urgent post observers sort of wipersy bands" it felt like a deluge, but this record sort of fits in with that feeling but has something about it that makes it amazing. I love the John Doe/Exene styled interplay, but the lyrics and songs are really sincere and not really X-like at all beyond the way the vocals interact. anyway, it rules and I love this banda nd wish they would come to california.

my favorite live bands I think were merchandise and spider and the webs? tho I am sure I am missing thigns out but those are the only two that spring to mind. my record tragedy of the year was my gene clark LP being totally warped and unplayable due to a complex situation I don;t feel like talking about, but it involved gentrification and estate sale divas. i got another 7" I have wanted for along time, a comp that features the take's classic "summer":

I listened to household a lot still, and autoclave and slant 6.

and for obvious reasons I listened to BIKINI KILL a lot (obvious meaning I wrote the liner notes for the reissue)

and to huggy bear also. OK that is the end of my musical report. I am sure I forgot something. Oh wait girl on the run by honey bane and FUCKING COMET GAIN who I totally listened to obsessively all year as always, and sonic youth sister, I have an old SST tape which I listen to on the way to work most days, and um emmylou harris 13 LP. and guy clark dublin blues, patty griffin long ride home, and I got obsessed with JUDY CLAY and listened to OV Wright a lot too.
and can I want more

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I just wanna have something to do

dee dee ramone sleeping
I haven't written a column in MRR for the last two months. I broke my hand in a bike accident and descended into an unproductive state of disinterest and disdain. My record player was too high for me to reach and my shitty broken right hand prevented me from existing in my usual manner, all of these things amongst others conspired against me and created an atmosphere of negativity and frustration. Since I am a punk this should have fueled my existence and given my work meaning, but instead I just read the internet and got on the shitty train to work and nothing came out of it, like one of those 80s anarcho / class war drawings of a mobius loop worker drone, bed/work/home/death. Like Greg Sage singing "no solution" over and over again until it's clear the revolution is not gonna come and I am just gonna sit there and rot into the couch...

Anyway I half heartedly worked on my year end top ten for MRR, which will be in the next issue (the one that comes out in February 2013 but is called March 2013 for some confusing reason you will never understand). And I picked some records I listened to a lot, but I am sure I missed things as my enthusiasm was low... so anyway, this thing is a list of records I am LOOKING FORWARD TO LISTENING TO IN 2013, This is a blog post about THE FUTURE.

Spider and the Webs have a record coming out this year, I actually don't know this for a fact but I know Tobi, James, Bongo Randy and Chris were in a recording studio and when I saw them play live they played some sick new jams that are gonna rewrite our bad times. Here is Tobi singing a song by the post-Young Marble Giants band Weekend... Nostalgia.

The most important record of the year will come out on La Vida es un Mus records, and is THE VIXENS!!!! this demo was my top ten of 2011 so I trust the record will make 2013 a livable year.

The next most anticipated item would be a new CRAZY BAND LP/7"/FLEXI
PS someone send me the tape. 
AFTER THAT WOULD BE A NEW CASUAL DOTS LP WHICH I HAVE HEARD IS HAPPENING!!!! Kathi Wilcox, Christina Billotte, Steve Dore; a force to be reckoned with!

One type of music I have been enjoying this year is girl bands that are in the Bomp!/Dictators/Runaways sphere, sort of highways and dirty streets and back alley music that isn't shitty bar rock... I love the Splits

who are from Finland, and I also have been listening to MP3s of the Bleached LP which comes out soon

It's total LA girls weighed down with broken hearts and bad attitudes, armed with Blondie and Ronettes  7"s, and making a record in the tradition of the Runaways, very much summing up the feeling of Los Angeles in a certain and distinctive way...I also have been enjoying the Veronica Falls LP MP3s, although they are so English it's almost unreal, the cut glass BBC accents not heard since Sarah records was a viable entity! Nothing they do will ever top the majesty of their first two 7"s, but the new record is a cool listen, parts of it totally reminded me of listening to the Sundays when I was a skateboarding 13 year old, but I am not sure that is what they were going for! I think they write  great songs, but they have yet to write a consistently great LP. But they are fantastic to watch play, and the good songs are like Comet Gain playing the Flatmates while the TVPs nod off in the background.

I am looking forward to the Milk Music LP though the just released version of this song below is more rock than I usually dig, but who knows...

Also Potty Mouth recorded a new LP, not sure who is putting it out but cool...

And Bona Drag who I freaked out about a few months back  are getting reissued by Captured Tracks, which is great as their music was only available on scratchy transferred from cassette youtubes!

C.R.A.S.H are putting out a new 7", the only format. As someone who is totally bored with metallic tinged HC (I could go into more detail about what I mean by this, but I don't want to be mean.) their sound is totally refreshing, like apple pie and pcp.

Someone should do a record of all the Coffin Pricks songs; I know they recorded more than just that 7"!

I am looking forward to records from Olympia bands (not sure if these bands actually have records coming out...) Gag, Spiritual Warriors, Grimace, Vex, Crude Thought; I am sure there are more I am forgetting. Joaquin and Rachel's band?! And all Weird TV members need to do new bands. I wanna see all the new Perennial releases. Also a glass tipped to new Candice and Osa jams, speaking of which NOLA is having a form a new band or perish fest this summer, details here:

I am looking forward to hearing about new bands from members of Livid, Displeasure and Opt Out all of whom broke up this year, Bay Area scene report. I think Index are recording again? They are great, sham 69 meets kleenex. And members of Needles, Brilliant Colors and Balance of Terror have formed Flesh World who I have yet to see... And Brilliant Colors have a flexi coming out I think for a tour?! Prank records is putting out replica and I think permanent ruin!? girls have pretty much taken over bay area HC, which is cool... Tony and Michael from the Ovens are each in fifty bands too, speaking of which Caged Animal have a record out soon I think!? Oh and Peach Kelli Pop moved to Oakland, so we can all do the eggroll much more frequently... and Burger records are putting her new LP out, which I hope is as fresh as the first one. I hope Cyclops put out a triple LP as all their 7"s have been absolutely essential, a Portland/Bay Area force... This is an incomplete scene report as I live out at the Pacific ocean nowadays and can hardly get myself to go to shows. Hopefully this will change?! I have seen some amazing shows this year, but recently I have been in bedroom boredom mode. Anyway hopefully more bands will form, bands I like will play and I will enjoy it and stop feeling like I am watching a trend being digested and regurgitated over and over... I wanna see Hoax play. and Creem. and Goosebumps, wait there are so many bands I hear about but am forgetting the names of. Justin talked about some youth attack HC tape that made his top ten that sounded amazing?!
OH SHIT WAIT NY SCENE REPORT, I guess you have to ask bidi: IN SCHOOL gotta make a record, that's all I know. It seems like there are fifty million bands, so many cool girl bands, a new landscape is forming. Also shout out to Anna Nasty and MJ holding down AZ girl sound eternal. Oh and someone send me the last Dark Times 7"! I can't figure out how to order it without spending 30 fuckin euros from some insane german distro! Anyway. I am gonna leave you with Good Throb. Does irreparables have a record out yet?!!Also I am gonna assume all the women of Trash Kit are in fifty amazing new bands already that I wanna hear.