Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ever nearing joy

these are the records and songs I listened to the most in 2012

Brian Eno: taking tiger mountain LP

following on from which was Ultravox's first two LPs pre Midge Ure ruining their sound/band

I listened to the Coffin Pricks mp3s Jeff sent me a lot. Chris Thomson has the best voice.
Also PAgan Icons by Saccharine Trust, I hate the culture of endless trend that is inherent in punk rock scenes, "we are really crazy mutants! check out our crazy antics!" that shit makes me wanna go home, or rather not leave my home. I would rather listen to Pagan Icons, or Crucifucks than watch "crazy" "zany" hardcore reenactment troupes. some of my teenage pals (when I too was a teenager) were in a graffitti crew, and one of them used to tag be rather than seem. be rather than seem. "become who you are" a boring idea free grunt being "wild" no thanks. I don;t know.  "genuine" "authentic" "scare quotes" "wild" "tame" "real" "pastiche" "blah"
DOC DART vs "Your Band Is Boring"

I listened to the four star comp on a shitty tape I made from graham booth which also featured grupo 415 synth damaged classic "My Walkman Loves Me" of which I can find no record online to play you, but it is SO GOOD, as good as the anemic boyfriends and I got a copy of the 7"  a couple weeks ago.
 and of course THE PACK!!

BEST FUCKING GUITAR SOUND! seriously. only good kirk brandon band really, but SO GOOD

also listened to Lori and the chameleons alot, another dollar bin find:

and this white magic song:

I listened to the D Vassalotti LP and latest Merchandise LP on REPEAT, mostly the first one as it fitted a weirdly isolated year.
also LOVE CHILD, i wrote them off as a twee pop nothing so never paid attention, but please this 7" is SO GOOD, he's so sensitive sounds like a blondie outtake but with no new wave at all, and sitting on the sofa, witness! best song about sofas and sitting since the kinks?

and the textones. I didn't know kathy valentine was in a ore go gos band that actually worte a few songs the go gos used, and were on stiff records

I also listened to this Spraypaint Love song which is on the wonderful treat tape which I think came out for the international pop underground in 91? you can listen to it here:
also this song by the go team that someone uploaded to youtube

OK youtube DJ jukebox situations. I am not really talking about stuff that came out in 2012 so much? I guess not. well you can buy the next MRR and get the scoop on that to some extent, but I missed out on putting the daylight robbery LP which was a total mistake, as I love that band and record. I got sort of bored of "urgent post observers sort of wipersy bands" it felt like a deluge, but this record sort of fits in with that feeling but has something about it that makes it amazing. I love the John Doe/Exene styled interplay, but the lyrics and songs are really sincere and not really X-like at all beyond the way the vocals interact. anyway, it rules and I love this banda nd wish they would come to california.

my favorite live bands I think were merchandise and spider and the webs? tho I am sure I am missing thigns out but those are the only two that spring to mind. my record tragedy of the year was my gene clark LP being totally warped and unplayable due to a complex situation I don;t feel like talking about, but it involved gentrification and estate sale divas. i got another 7" I have wanted for along time, a comp that features the take's classic "summer":

I listened to household a lot still, and autoclave and slant 6.

and for obvious reasons I listened to BIKINI KILL a lot (obvious meaning I wrote the liner notes for the reissue)

and to huggy bear also. OK that is the end of my musical report. I am sure I forgot something. Oh wait girl on the run by honey bane and FUCKING COMET GAIN who I totally listened to obsessively all year as always, and sonic youth sister, I have an old SST tape which I listen to on the way to work most days, and um emmylou harris 13 LP. and guy clark dublin blues, patty griffin long ride home, and I got obsessed with JUDY CLAY and listened to OV Wright a lot too.
and can I want more

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