Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is my old jam

This song was the soundtrack of the riots in Zurich

This is my new jam

The all female punk rock band Kandeggina Gang play "Sono Cattiva" at their practice space 1980 Milano - Italia

Sunday, June 26, 2011

futur marketing purposes

Spring Mini Five
1: There’s this video of these girls skating on the freeway in LA, it’s a video made by a mostly girl punk band from those parts called Crazy Band... I heard rumors about their existence for months before I heard their sound, that they were a bratty falling apart band featuring a former member of Mika Miko that I would probably like... Then of course I read about em before I heard anything, in this sort of lame free style magazine that they give away in coffee shops up here called Paper that seems to be made up of mostly regurgitated press releases. I know, I know, it’s Los Angeles. That’s how they do things there it would seem right? Well no. There are tons of punks who are in bands that don’t do interviews for fashion magazines... Another symptom of the whole punks with booking agents and PR people era that we currently seem to exist in? (Speaking as someone who has to delete about 100 shitty emails from various PR agencies everyday from the MRR email—it’s clear that everyone from crust to garage bands feel like they need a paid mouthpiece to do their bidding in the media marketplace). Where big punk fests are underwritten by cheap beer companies and car companies will give you free money as long as you solicit your fanbase for all their personal info for future marketing purposes... At any rate, I do really like the Crazy Band song on said video, it’s got a cool girls in the garage meets beach punk feel, and according to an LA spy they are destruction in the best way live, and the forthcoming LP on Teenage teardrops rules. Plus the footage of the girls skating on the freeway is enough to make parents everywhere put their heads in their hands and give up!

2: The Avon Ladies tape is so good! Apparently D X is working on an interview for this magazine you are currently reading, if this is the case... well maybe it will happen now it’s written out in newsprint in my column. There’s a review in the demo section. Send off for it HC maniax!
3: Went to see Brilliant Colors play this pop fest, they were so good, one of the best shows I have seen them play, and a former member of Balance of Terror was filling in on second guitar... Got a sneak peek at the new LP, out this summer, it’s awesome but totally not reviewable in this magazine. They went full speed ahead to the dream pop Felt / Chills landscape and the ladies of post-punk aspects are long gone. You should pick it up anyway if you dig any of these bands mentioned, it’s a good one, and will be on Slumberland.
4: I got sent a rad movie of a Huggy Bear show in Brighton in 1993, it starts out with these kids driving to the show listening to the Jam, and you can see Rachel from Comet Gain, gazin’ out the window, in her amazing red mod raincoat and perfect Anna Karina hair that made me and all my friends wanna be her. The Huggy Bear footage is sorta messy, ruptured and like a bullet and a message to your heart all at once. I will write a full report possibly for the Maximum website in the near future!!

this is them ruling it on a shitty TV show

5: Apply to be the new coordinator of MRR already! C’mon. You get to pick what runs in these pages! And you can listen to green taped versions of all your favorite Killed By Death 45s as you do this! Email us for an application if you have a vision for the magazine and a knowledge of punk and hardcore that is as extensive as your aforementioned vision! Yeah! Up the punx.