Sunday, August 27, 2017

musical obsessions circa March 29th 2017 reposted here in August

current top ten / in the face of the end of the world I have mostly been listening to doomed yet tranquil sounds 1) anxious color compilation LP on Mississippi (thanks cissie for letting me know about it, right up my street doomed home made falling apart psychedelic disruption)
2)dolly mixture-whistling in the dark (this is the best! like an outtake from the second The Cake LP, psyche-pastoral beauty with an underlying horror in the lyrics)
3)the cake-firefly (esp the youtube upload with mary woronov horror footage!
also brenda holloway land of a thousand boys
and toni basil breakaway
(i need someone to reissue the breakaway 45 right now!) and felt pictorial jackson review only on headphones as I don;t have any felt records (if anyone wants to send me their first 45 I need one) 4) cate le bon-aside from growing old from her new 12", so good/is it true a new drinks record is coming out?!
5) john cale paris 1919-everytime I hear this it's like listening to it for the first time and I can't figure out what it is
6)can-I want more (and more and more)
7)slumber party CDR covers up. I mailordered this from their website sometime in the early 00s and just pulled it out to listen again-it's so rad, covers of VU and the shaggs and the bangles.I can't find it anywhere online but maybe bc it's cover versions/was self released it was never MP3d. Also the Alicia BB song on some KRS comp which I found trying to figure out if she still makes music, it's so good, called best friend. You can download it from the KRS bandcamp
8)morning glory LP-amazing girl group from the 60s that only made a test press that got shelved bc of some mob intervention, it's so dreamy. the first song is not super killer but the rest is so good, not sure if it is online anywhere but you can listen to snippets on Josiah Steinbrick's instagram (he put it out)
9) THE COURTNEYS LP! So excited to see them next month/gonna lose my mind
10) Yanti Bersaudara. I am not sure how I discovered them, but I am obsessed. someone needs to reissue the first few records!! Indonesian 60s beat girl group dreamscape also las timidas tape!!! this is the best thing in the history of tapes. I wish it was happening in front of me right now ( top guilty pleasure: the song queens by la sera 
top relentless pleasure: veronica falls/all works
top new discovery: PHEW from japan

things to look forward to: look blue go purple double LP reissue on flying nun! finally those that are not punisher collector dudes can own this music on vinyl! new sneaks LP although I have heard it is the same thing on both sides, this seems kind of annoying and also kind of amazing, like an old cassingle. THE WORLD LP! someone transmit this to my sensors asap. beatniks 45/rays LP speaking of alexacore. La Luz LP?! I listen to the song "it's alive" every day, perfect devastating sound, ice cool delivery, coolest lyrical concepts. new Angie LP! any non australian distribution? hopefully. the last one I found a super beat up copy for a buck at Amoeba misfiled under abba new NOTS!!!! i heard they recorded an experimental masterwork for future use new heavy metal record (…) anyone heard it? Neon: new devastating bay area force made up of female pro skaters who are going to end the patriarchy and government new fleshworld taiwan housing project LP new talya cooper core there must be more new things to look forward to. I want to hear new Christina billotte sounds. I heard her band While recorded something, but who knows. also casual dots triple LP. and permanent waves. new tobi vail sounds speaking of which my group's recording is coming out at some point soon. GIRLSPERM I am planning on making a desolate bedroom end of the world recording at somepoint in 2017 I have about 150 dollars of music in my bandcamp cart yet to check out will I ever make a move and do it/sorry I work retail/broke reality/ but I gotta get the new pierre et bastien LP and marauder flexi/tape (the swiss/american waver group not the thrashers) I am on a ton of annoying PR lists none of which mention music I care about, just weird blogrocker boredom for festival goers. I listen to a ton of killer sounds at MRR at all times and will make a radio show soon of my fave records of 2017so far maybe

punk records I have been playing a lot as of recent times that came out in 2017 I think


louie louie LP
(someone put this on a record-who does CD only releases in 2017?!) LEBENDEN TOTEN – “Static!” 12” Pierre et bastien LP, liquids LP, black abba, UV-TV-LP,TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT – “Veblen Death Mask” LP,MIDNIGHT MINES-LP, MIDNITE SNAXX-LP,Police control 45, gg king 45, TERRY LP A FEW RANDOM REISSUES NEON – “Neon / Nazi Schatzi”/LOOK BLUE GO PURPLE/MORBID OPERA/NURSE LP on WAR – “Apathy” LP/ Y-Pants/Отдел Самоискоренения