Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I just wanna have something to do

dee dee ramone sleeping
I haven't written a column in MRR for the last two months. I broke my hand in a bike accident and descended into an unproductive state of disinterest and disdain. My record player was too high for me to reach and my shitty broken right hand prevented me from existing in my usual manner, all of these things amongst others conspired against me and created an atmosphere of negativity and frustration. Since I am a punk this should have fueled my existence and given my work meaning, but instead I just read the internet and got on the shitty train to work and nothing came out of it, like one of those 80s anarcho / class war drawings of a mobius loop worker drone, bed/work/home/death. Like Greg Sage singing "no solution" over and over again until it's clear the revolution is not gonna come and I am just gonna sit there and rot into the couch...

Anyway I half heartedly worked on my year end top ten for MRR, which will be in the next issue (the one that comes out in February 2013 but is called March 2013 for some confusing reason you will never understand). And I picked some records I listened to a lot, but I am sure I missed things as my enthusiasm was low... so anyway, this thing is a list of records I am LOOKING FORWARD TO LISTENING TO IN 2013, This is a blog post about THE FUTURE.

Spider and the Webs have a record coming out this year, I actually don't know this for a fact but I know Tobi, James, Bongo Randy and Chris were in a recording studio and when I saw them play live they played some sick new jams that are gonna rewrite our bad times. Here is Tobi singing a song by the post-Young Marble Giants band Weekend... Nostalgia.

The most important record of the year will come out on La Vida es un Mus records, and is THE VIXENS!!!! this demo was my top ten of 2011 so I trust the record will make 2013 a livable year.

The next most anticipated item would be a new CRAZY BAND LP/7"/FLEXI
PS someone send me the tape. 
AFTER THAT WOULD BE A NEW CASUAL DOTS LP WHICH I HAVE HEARD IS HAPPENING!!!! Kathi Wilcox, Christina Billotte, Steve Dore; a force to be reckoned with!

One type of music I have been enjoying this year is girl bands that are in the Bomp!/Dictators/Runaways sphere, sort of highways and dirty streets and back alley music that isn't shitty bar rock... I love the Splits

who are from Finland, and I also have been listening to MP3s of the Bleached LP which comes out soon

It's total LA girls weighed down with broken hearts and bad attitudes, armed with Blondie and Ronettes  7"s, and making a record in the tradition of the Runaways, very much summing up the feeling of Los Angeles in a certain and distinctive way...I also have been enjoying the Veronica Falls LP MP3s, although they are so English it's almost unreal, the cut glass BBC accents not heard since Sarah records was a viable entity! Nothing they do will ever top the majesty of their first two 7"s, but the new record is a cool listen, parts of it totally reminded me of listening to the Sundays when I was a skateboarding 13 year old, but I am not sure that is what they were going for! I think they write  great songs, but they have yet to write a consistently great LP. But they are fantastic to watch play, and the good songs are like Comet Gain playing the Flatmates while the TVPs nod off in the background.

I am looking forward to the Milk Music LP though the just released version of this song below is more rock than I usually dig, but who knows...

Also Potty Mouth recorded a new LP, not sure who is putting it out but cool...

And Bona Drag who I freaked out about a few months back  are getting reissued by Captured Tracks, which is great as their music was only available on scratchy transferred from cassette youtubes!

C.R.A.S.H are putting out a new 7", the only format. As someone who is totally bored with metallic tinged HC (I could go into more detail about what I mean by this, but I don't want to be mean.) their sound is totally refreshing, like apple pie and pcp.

Someone should do a record of all the Coffin Pricks songs; I know they recorded more than just that 7"!

I am looking forward to records from Olympia bands (not sure if these bands actually have records coming out...) Gag, Spiritual Warriors, Grimace, Vex, Crude Thought; I am sure there are more I am forgetting. Joaquin and Rachel's band?! And all Weird TV members need to do new bands. I wanna see all the new Perennial releases. Also a glass tipped to new Candice and Osa jams, speaking of which NOLA is having a form a new band or perish fest this summer, details here:

I am looking forward to hearing about new bands from members of Livid, Displeasure and Opt Out all of whom broke up this year, Bay Area scene report. I think Index are recording again? They are great, sham 69 meets kleenex. And members of Needles, Brilliant Colors and Balance of Terror have formed Flesh World who I have yet to see... And Brilliant Colors have a flexi coming out I think for a tour?! Prank records is putting out replica and I think permanent ruin!? girls have pretty much taken over bay area HC, which is cool... Tony and Michael from the Ovens are each in fifty bands too, speaking of which Caged Animal have a record out soon I think!? Oh and Peach Kelli Pop moved to Oakland, so we can all do the eggroll much more frequently... and Burger records are putting her new LP out, which I hope is as fresh as the first one. I hope Cyclops put out a triple LP as all their 7"s have been absolutely essential, a Portland/Bay Area force... This is an incomplete scene report as I live out at the Pacific ocean nowadays and can hardly get myself to go to shows. Hopefully this will change?! I have seen some amazing shows this year, but recently I have been in bedroom boredom mode. Anyway hopefully more bands will form, bands I like will play and I will enjoy it and stop feeling like I am watching a trend being digested and regurgitated over and over... I wanna see Hoax play. and Creem. and Goosebumps, wait there are so many bands I hear about but am forgetting the names of. Justin talked about some youth attack HC tape that made his top ten that sounded amazing?!
OH SHIT WAIT NY SCENE REPORT, I guess you have to ask bidi: IN SCHOOL gotta make a record, that's all I know. It seems like there are fifty million bands, so many cool girl bands, a new landscape is forming. Also shout out to Anna Nasty and MJ holding down AZ girl sound eternal. Oh and someone send me the last Dark Times 7"! I can't figure out how to order it without spending 30 fuckin euros from some insane german distro! Anyway. I am gonna leave you with Good Throb. Does irreparables have a record out yet?!!Also I am gonna assume all the women of Trash Kit are in fifty amazing new bands already that I wanna hear.

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