Thursday, September 12, 2013

reborn as luxury homes

some music to listen to whilst decomposing

Ellie from Good Throb, Ben from Stab and a couple other people I don't know making some truly sick sounds. I think you can get the tape from Sorry State Maybe you'll wanna do that?!

really goodness can't stop listening to this tape SHIRTLESS THUGS

I can't figure out blogging formats, i hate blogggering to be honest, but here is a song from prists that got replicated twice on my blog formatting thing, it's a good one, reference to a b52s song got a creepy sick radness to it alright i vote YES.

1983 orstralian oi expeditions

Barcelona punk explosives

I saw this band play and it reminded me of Italian horror movie soundtracks meets a Christina Billotte band, ie genius sickness

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