Monday, September 27, 2010

on the record player on repeat

weird TV
is my current obsession

I love this song by Veronica Falls from London/Brighton...

also UV race has a new tape which is gonna be an LP on arrrght i think

The Libyans new LP on Sorry State is amazing. You can listen to a song here, but the whole record is so good! On constant rotation. I tried to find a youtube but could only find some other weird HC band with the same name. who do soundtracks for video games. WEEEEIRD

las seƱoras are from Spain, and made my favorite 7" of the year so far, like Adolescents radness but with all girls! and some sorta weird fucked up art damage! yes!

Kebab are a post Crass post-punk influenced band who just got reissued, from the early 80s, really cool...

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Anonymous said...

The Libyans from that video game are indeed the very same Libyans you speak of. Word up.